Inova Group: Hemborough Garden Building. Extra Living Space, Spare Room, Annexe. We are nationwide with offices in Cambridge and Peterborough. Garden Rooms Leicestershire Rutland Lincolnshire Boston Northamptonshire Huntingdon Norfolk Suffolk Bedfordshire Warwickshire Oxfordshire Cambridgeshire Oxfordshire Worcestershire Derbyshire Bucks

Prices are subject to site survey, access and any optional extra’s requested.  All prices include groundworks (inc subframe) and installation.

Available Sizes:


W 5.5m x D 4.4m x H 2.7m


W 4.2m x D 4.4m x H 2.7m


W 6.5m x D 4.4m x H 2.7m

Build Smarter. Live Better

We can tailor your studio with 6 stunning colour options.



Grey Cedar



Red Cedar

Anthracite Grey

Quartz Grey

Blue Grey

Harrington with Red Cedar

Harrington with African Padauk

Build Smarter. Live Better

Low Carbon Low Energy

The unique building design has the environment at heart. The carbon foot print for the foundations has been
reduced by 90% compared with traditional concrete foundations.  The use of recycled aluminium to create the
building structure and the added benefit of lasting a life time.  The combination of polyurethane insulation and rockwall provides a
living environment that is comfortable and quiet.  The added benefit of very low energy cost
and low Co2 emissions.  The insulation can be upgraded with Spacetherm Aerogel with a thermal conductivity
of 0.015 W/mK, Spacetherm Aerogel’s performance credentials qualify it as one of the best insulation materials
available worldwide.  Engineered for unsurpassed thermal performance in space-critical applications, the product offers low thermal conductivity plus breathability allied to hydrophobic characteristics.  It is also reassuring for specifiers to know it retains its thermal
properties for over 50 years.
The exterior is maintenance free, just needing a wash down to remove any dirt.