Frequently Asked Questions

No, not if your modular building is less than 2.5m in height and situated more than 1m from the boundary.  In most cases where measurements exceed this you will NOT require planning permission if:

a) your modular building is *demonstrably* movable (of course, all our modular buildings comply)
b) the modular building will be used by a close member of the family

However, in many cases, you will require planning permission and doubly so if the modular building is not for a close member of the family.

We complete applications for modular buildings for our clients on a weekly basis. There are convenient areas of legislation that enable us to ensure a modular building qualifies as Lawful Development rather than requiring full planning permission.

Lawful Development is relevant when the modular building is designed to comply with legislation that acknowledges the genuine movability of the modular building and when the circumstances of the modular building is for a close member of the family.

In these cases, we will submit to your local authority that your modular building is lawful and planning permission is not required. A Development Certificate is typically granted by the local planning authority once they are confident that there is no material change of use and that there is no operational development.

Importantly, a Lawful Development Certificate submission does not involve neighbours or parish councils or other third parties and therefore provides each householder with a less complicated validation for the lawfulness of their modular building. Our planning service covers both planning permission and lawful development so we can advise each client which may be most appropriate.

A lawful development certificate is a legal document that is provided by a local planning authority, local authority or council. This certificate proves and acknowledges the lawfulness of any development, such as a suitably specified garden Annex, when combined with its use by a close family member of the house of the main householder.

A local trades person would be able to help you with installation.  Our panels come with an installation manual to ensure a seamless experience.

Our normal turnaround time is 8-10 weeks from the time your order is placed for unpermitted buildings or once you receive a permit in the case of a permitted unit. We will keep you updated about your order throughout the process.

Feel free to call us. We are available to answer any of the questions you may have throughout the process.  Once you decide which model you’d like to move forward with, we will send you an invoice along with a Docusign with our terms and conditions and a link for payment.

Please bear in mind that the foundation requirements depend on your site and soil, it can be slab on grade or raised foundation.  We are available to answer any of the questions you may have throughout the process.

It depends on the number of workers on your site and their level of experience with assembly.  Typically, if you follow our instruction manual, a 120 square foot modular building can be erected within 2 days.  Once fully up, interior finishes can take an additional 3-5 days depending on interiors chosen and the experience of your installers.  We recommend to have 4-5 workers for unloading the lorry and assembling the structure.  Once erected, we recommend 2-3 workers to complete the interior finishes.
You can either use your own or we can refer one of our preferred installers that’s in your area.
All our modular buildings come with a very detailed step by step manual.  All panels and parts come labelled.
We offer curbside delivery.  This means that your installers will need to unload the panels and materials to your site.  It is necessary to have at least 4-5 workers during the unloading and erection of the structure.
Yes, you can certainly view our modular buildings before making a decision.  We have models available to walk around at our manufacturing site in Market Deeping.